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Interior painting makes up a large portion of our business.

Murray Painting Company has over five generations of interior painting knowledge and experience allowing us to coat almost any substrate. Whether your interior painting project is brush, roller or spray, if you can build it we can paint it.

We have experience painting and coating a variety of interior substrates including (but not limited to) drywall walls, drywall ceilings, block walls, exposed metal ceilings, wood doors and frames, floor coatings, and plastics. Whether your project is new construction or an existing structure, we are the one stop painting contractor that can suit all of your coating needs.

Murray Painting Company has the capacity to work on a large variety of projects such as schools, hospitals, universities, airports, restaurants, banks, conference centers, nursing homes, malls, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, and office buildings.

Our professional crew of painters has the ability to add different types of architectural details to your project. Our crews are highly skilled at painting logos, stripes, accent bands, accent walls and all types of wainscots and trim. Anything you can design, we can paint.

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Do you have an exterior painting project? Great!

We love outside work too. At Murray Painting Company we have just as much experience painting outside as we do inside.

Due to our extensive experience, we are able to coat almost any exterior substrate. Whether your project includes exterior walls, structural steel, wood, plastic, masonry, or ferrous metals, we can paint it.

Is your project high off the ground? High elevations are no problem at Murray Painting Company. We have all the lifts and equipment to take care of your project’s needs. We always say “where there is a will there is a way” and if that entails a hard to reach exterior painting project, we will find a way to paint it. Whether we need to use condors, lifts or rigging, we will find a way to complete your difficult high reach project.

We have the capacity to work on a large variety of exterior projects. Some examples of exterior commercial projects we have worked on are schools, hospitals, universities, airports, restaurants, banks, conference centers, nursing and retirement homes, malls, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities and office buildings.

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Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is the process of mechanically abrading a substrate with pressurized sand or a similar synthetic medium to either remove an existing coating or to prepare a surface to receive a new coating. Murray Painting Company has over 30 years experience in sand blasting.

Water Blasting

Murray Painting Company’s water blasting is an efficient way to clean and /or remove unwanted coatings, material buildup and paint. Murray Painting Company is able to clean beams, tanks and almost any surface with this technique. Water blasting creates no dust or fumes, so this process is not only very efficient but it is also environmentally friendly. Water blasting is also a very good way to clean an existing surface.

Blast Yard

In 2010 Murray Painting Company renovated its blast yard to increase its capacity for larger blasting and shop painting projects. The blast yard now has two entry points and two exit points, so that trucks and semis can enter on one end of the yard and exit at the other side. The yard also houses a heated paint shop so our crew can apply temperature sensitive materials 365 days a year. We also have the proper equipment necessary to move even the heaviest of items that need to be shop coated. If you have a project that needs to be shop finished please contact us for your estimate.


Murray Painting Company has years of experience in the surface preparation and the application of coatings on floors in a wide variety of facilities. Factory trained crews handle every step in the process from preparing the substrate to the application of a wide variety of coatings including epoxy, urethane quartz floor systems, non-skid surfaces, line striping, clear sealers and even floor polishing.


Resinous floor coatings are durable and long lasting. They are a seamless surface coating that requires low maintenance. They provide a slip resistant surface, give protection from heavy traffic, are stain resistant, UV resistant, and are resistant to chemical attack and thermal shock impact. During installation they have minimal odor. Resinous flooring is a coating system that meets the needs of industries such as healthcare, commercial, manufacturing, technological, public spaces, pharmaceutical and more.


Epoxy based floor coatings are a preferred finish for many industrial and commercial buildings such as healthcare facilities, retail stores, waste water treatment plants, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Epoxy coatings are used because of their chemical resistance and the durable finish they provide. These coatings are available in many different finishes, colors and textures.

Masonry and Flat Work Sealing

Masonry and flat work sealers are generally clear products that are either waterproof or water-repellent. Vertical masonry sealers usually keep water from penetrating the surface yet they also allow the surface to breathe and let moisture naturally escape the substrate. Horizontal masonry or concrete sealers are used to keep moisture and other undesirables from penetrating and staining horizontal stone and masonry surfaces and floors. These floor sealers help to keep your concrete floor clean and looking brand new. Both horizontal and vertical sealers come in a variety of sheens to give your substrate a matte or wet look, whichever you prefer. Certain masonry sealers are available in colors. To see what we can do for your floor project please contact us for a quote.


Wallcoverings can dramatically transform, protect and increase the value of your property. Hotels and lobbies become more welcoming, corporate boardrooms and offices become more innovative, hospitals and clinics become warmer and more conducive to healing.

Murray Painting Company has been the premier choice for wallcovering services for decades. We commonly install wallpaper in hotel hallways and lobbies, healthcare waiting rooms, office buildings and restaurant dining areas, providing a durable choice for a natural and distinctive impression.

Our installers are highly trained and up-to-date on specialty techniques and materials, including vinyl, grass cloth, fabric and other durable coated wallcoverings.

We work with the top wallcovering manufacturers to ensure competitive pricing and to provide our customers with a number of unique options.

Whether it’s an accent wall, a mural, or all of the common areas throughout your project, you can count on Murray Painting Company to complete your wallcovering project with excellent, high-quality results.


Many older structures contain lead-based paint in woodwork, walls and exterior surfaces. Unsuspecting occupants remain susceptible to the hazards from exposure to this toxic substance. Structures including bridges, water towers, apartment buildings, offices and private homes built before 1978 may still be a danger.

Left unaddressed, building owners and facility managers are at risk for fines and other legal action from exposure related health problems and/or environmental impact due to improper removal techniques. In fact, a new EPA ruling, the RRP Rule (Renovation, Repair and Painting) stipulates that all painting firms must be certified and that each worker must be trained for lead-safe work practices. This regulation covers work in apartment buildings, condominiums, residences, schools, daycare centers and other child occupied facilities.

Most painting contractors are not qualified to take on the responsibilities stipulated in a lead paint abatement project. Murray Painting Company has over 15 years of experience in lead remediation work.

Along with our state and federal lead paint removal certifications, our customers find greater peace-of-mind through our worker safety program. This program includes blood lead level analysis, respirator training and strict on-site safety procedures. Murray Painting Company not only meets but exceeds all OSHA, EPA & DEQ regulations for lead abatement and lead renovations.

Murray Painting Company takes lead abatement and renovation seriously, because if it’s not done properly it can jeopardize not only the health and safety of the people doing the work, but the health and safety of everyone using the facility after the renovation. We consider the health and welfare of every person that comes in contact with our work as the most important aspect of any project that we complete. That is why you deserve to use the best qualified contractor for your lead related project.

Lead Abatement

Lead abatement is the process of safely removing existing lead based paint. Murray Painting Company workers are well trained in all OSHA regulations and safety requirements for lead abatement. We understand the sources of contamination and we are experts in the remediation of lead paint and dust. Our workers and management are experienced and knowledgeable in environmental regulations and how to comply with federal and state regulations in removing existing coatings containing lead. We have the knowledge, certification and equipment to safely complete your project.

Lead Renovation

As of April 22, 2008, any contractor working on a project that disturbs lead based paint in an area that is or will be occupied by children must be certified in lead renovation. Lead renovation is the process of safely containing and cleaning up of lead contaminated debris created by a construction process. Murray Painting Company is an EPA certified lead renovation company, and our staff is EPA certified to do your lead renovation project.


Wood finishing is an art form.

Murray Painting Company has the knowledge and experience to expertly complete your wood finishing project.

Wood finishing is the application process of stain and/or clear finish to bare wood in order to seal it and help bring out the natural beauty of the wood itself. In our finishing shop we have the room and the equipment to do a wood finishing project of any size. Whether you need your new wood doors finished, or you have a large package of base and crown molding, we can facilitate your project’s needs.

At Murray Painting Company we guarantee your wood package will receive a minimum of three coats of finish. With a minimum application of three coats of sealer, you can be sure your wood package will arrive as smooth as glass and stunningly beautiful. If you want to see what our shop finishing can do for your project, request a quote today.


Is your project in a wet environment or is it constantly exposed to sunlight?

Is it in an area where it receives the detrimental effects of corrosives? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then an epoxy or high performance coating may be just what you need for your project. Murray Painting Company has been using these products since their conception and we feel confident that we are well versed in their application.

Epoxies, urethanes, and high performance coatings can be used on both interior and exterior projects, especially areas where a latex or oil paint could fail either due to harsh environmental conditions or high traffic usage. Some examples of where these coatings might be appropriate would be pools, shower rooms, locker rooms, floors, exterior metals, laboratories and surgery suites.

A wide variety of high performance coatings are available for use with almost any substrate. There’s an epoxy or high performance coating available to fit almost any situation. Need a two component epoxy for masonry walls but you’re concerned about the smell of chemicals? No problem. Today there are numerous water based epoxies that have very little odor at all.

We at Murray Painting Company have the products and the skills to coat and protect your projects that would be affected by extreme environmental assault or high human traffic and usage. For a quote and product recommendation please click here.


Safe durable and affordable, intumescent coatings and fireproofing are thin film or heavy build coatings that are applied directly to a variety of otherwise unapproved building materials, allowing them to meet fire code, fire rating and flame spread requirements.

Fireproof coatings are used indoors and outdoors, are environmentally friendly and have been proven in service over many years. Intumescent high performance paint can keep construction costs low while preserving a building’s architectural focal points and character. These details could be lost when using a more viscous generic fireproof coating.

Murray Painting Company utilizes specialized surface preparation and application techniques when applying fire retardant coatings. These fire retardant coatings can be applied to doors, columns, walls, ceilings, wood surfaces and structural steel or as a coating for fire stops, ducting voids and other smoke and fire prevention applications.

Products such as FireFree®, Carboline®, and Char Tec® are thin film or heavy build coatings that can withstand extreme temperatures for an extended period of time. These coatings have demonstrated their aesthetic appeal in a wide variety of functional applications. Our specialized intumescent paint and fireproof coatings are commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals and schools.

Murray Painting Company, a seasoned intumescent paint and fireproofing contractor, assures proper application of these materials by our specialized, highly trained crews. Strict safety, property and site protection protocols mean quality results for your project.


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Murray Painting Company has over 30 years of experience in painting restaurants. We understand the special needs of the food service industry, such as minimizing downtime. Murray Painting Company has at one time or another worked at almost every McDonald’s Restaurant in the state of Michigan. We also have done many Bob Evans, Applebee’s and Tim Horton’s restaurants in our state. But our expertise does not stop at fast food restaurants. We have also done work in many fine table service restaurants such as Café Zinc and Table Restaurant at the H Hotel in Midland, Michigan, The Riverfront Grill at the Doubletree Hotel in Bay City, Michigan and Kathleen’s Restaurant at Apple Mountain Golf and Resort in Freeland, Michigan.


With our highly skilled workforce we have also done many high end office buildings. A recent example is the Accident Fund World Headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. This project is a good indication of just how versatile our workforce is. On this project we had to use many of our skills such as interior and exterior painting, high performance coatings, wallcoverings, lead abatement, resinous floor coating, wood finishing and more. We also have worked on multiple Michigan car dealerships, such as Hank Graff in Davison, Okemos and Bay City, Draper Chevrolet in Saginaw, Burt Watson Chevrolet in Freeland, and Martin Chevrolet in Thomas Township.


Every year Murray Painting Company completes multiple school projects. Whether it’s a renovation of an elementary school, or a new science building at a major state university, we can take on any size school project. Some examples of recent schools we have worked on are Heritage High School 2010 renovations, the H.H. Dow Academy in Midland, Michigan, the 2012 Central Michigan University Graduate Housing Building, Alma College Hogan Hall Addition and Renovation, Olivet Schools Additions and Renovations. As you can see Murray Painting Company has extensive experience in the painting of school and university projects.


Murray Painting Company has extensive experience in the painting of healthcare projects. We understand that the healthcare industry has special needs when it comes to completing projects. With our skills and experience we are able to work around those special needs to be as non-invasive as possible when completing a healthcare facility. Murray Painting Company has expertise in installing epoxy and fiberglass systems in surgical and clean room areas. Some recent Michigan healthcare projects we have completed are Lansing Medical Center Surgery Suite additions in Lansing, Sparrow Hospital Emergency Room renovations in Lansing, Mid-Michigan Medical Center additions and renovations in Clare, The War Memorial Hospital renovation in Sault Ste. Marie, and Health Source in Saginaw.


Other commercial projects we have completed are the Midland County Jail, Midland, Michigan, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in Ohio, Chippewa Nature Center, Midland, Michigan, and Higgins Lake DNR building in Higgins Lake, Michigan.


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